Our company HANDIACTIV signed a contract with our VALCODE as an affiliated one that is located in Morocco. Today VALCODE represents the culmination of various concepts, systems and materials security, for the protection of property and people. VALCODE was developed since 2012 among the market leaders through a strong private partnership between Switzerland and Morocco.

It’s known that Switzerland is the benchmark for security in the world, especially for the protection of property and values, private and public, in all areas of the world.
We develop technologies to help improve job mobility.

  • They build open and scalable solutions
  • They integrate our solutions into customers’ business applications
  • They adapt technologies for each target market


Best GPS Agency in
Morocco: Valcode
Our Company HANDIACTIV have a big chance to be affiliated with VALCODE, for having a nice team.


Waste Management
Valcode offers you support at all stages of your projects by presenting a simple and scalable solution.
Truck transport
Valcode's GPS tracking tools help you optimize your routes, manage missions efficiently and make better use of your fleet.
Tourist transport
Optimize your organization, improve responsiveness and improve the quality of service for your company
Construction and mining
Geolocation to improve margins for construction and public works companies

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